Skillman CoVEs

consortium of CoVEs for excellence in TVET

Italian COVE led by Fondazione Its A. Cuccovillo

Czech Republic COVE led by Asociace Malych A Strednich Podniku A Zivnostniku Cr

Italian COVE led by CIS

Greek COVE led by ASSET Technology

Spanish COVE led by Consell General de Cambres de Comerç de Catalunya

Italian COVE led by Centoform

Madagascar COVE led by METFP - Ministry of TVET

Portuguese COVE led by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Fostering local Skills ecosystems

Why a company should join a CoVE

  1. sharing training standards and increase the performance of the internal development processes

  2. being more easily and constantly updated on the most innovative market trends on technological training with an impact on products and processes innovation

  3. improving and keeping up-to-date the upskilling and reskilling processes of the workforce with respect to new market trends

  4. participating in the definition of the needs of the new professional profiles improving the value chain between the world of education and the world of work

  5. sharing new and more effective methods of interaction between education, research and business to increase the competitive value of the mutual collaboration (BUSINESS-EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP)

Do you want to join or create a new CoVE?